We offer our partners a broad range of services and complete support. Construction of the complete petrol station, maintenance and repairs, installation, spare parts and education.


The control and inspection department disposes of human, technical and organisational resources for inspection activities in accordance with international norms and own procedures. We offer the service of regular and special certification of legal measuring instruments under the authorisation of the State Office for Metrology as the Authorised Body No. 16 for the following types of measuring instruments: - Liquid fuel dispensers and LPG dispensers on fuel stations - Length measuring instruments (measuring bars up to 3m) - Automatic level measuring instruments (probes) We also offer services regarding the inspection of vapour recovery system on fuel dispensers on petrol stations according to ISO/IEC 17020 standard and accreditation HAA No. 6258. Inspection is in accordance with the Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Croatia on technical environmental standards aimed to reduce the emissions of volatile organic compounds that occur during the filling of motor vehicles with petrol at petrol stations (Official Gazette No. 5/2011).

Declaration – Notification to potential customers We perform the services according to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard and our own procedure RU-NI-7-5-3-06. The data collected during inspections are confidential, and only the data previously agreed between the client and the inspection authority can be published. In addition to the above, the confidential data can be published solely at the request of the court or if it is required by the law.


The largest service centre on the domestic market. It disposes of educated service specialists for installation and maintenance of the equipment manufactured by us and represented partners such as OPW, Veeder Root, FE Petro, ASF, TST, KPS, repairs of fuel dispensers and other equipment on petrol stations. The service centre includes modern equipment and a large number of service vehicles and mobile laboratories.

As the authorised body for preparation of legal measuring instruments for certification No. 366, we offer the service of preparation of legal measuring instruments for regular and special certifications. We dispose of 10 mobile laboratories that we regularly calibrate and we are also able to offer services regarding the maintenance and preparation of measuring instruments for larger petrol station networks in the Republic of Croatia.

We perform engineering works on petrol stations (with PVC and steel pipes) and we are able to offer installations for the complete fuel technology on petrol stations, both during the construction of new ones and during capital reconstructions.


The service centre includes the school centre for training and education of authorised service personnel. In the school centre, the customers' service personnel are trained for the ongoing and investment maintenance of customers' equipment. If necessary, the specialists of the school centre can conduct the training at the customers' facilities as well.

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