Multi Media fuel dispenser is a new thing in the use of petrol station equipment. In addition to the basic function regarding the safe and controlled fuel dispensing, it shows ready instructions, notifications and advertisements on a 15" TFT display or provides access to basic information on the Internet, such as weather forecast, traffic info and other information set on the web server computer in the petrol station kiosk. The fuel dispenser with CRID (Card Reader In Dispenser) constitutes an addition to the system of fuel payment by credit cards right on the fuel dispenser.

CRID and IT solution interface need to be prepared in the petrol station. A pre-set keyboard or a keyboard for the pre-selection of amounts or dispensed gas quantities on the fuel dispenser is a useful addition to fuel dispensers, particularly on petrol stations where customers require a high standard of shopping within the scope of fuel self-service.


Special versions of fuel dispensers for small petrol stations or marinas, and in particular for truck islands, can be constructed with satellite fuel dispensers with 1 or 2-4 nozzles.

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