Our today's operation is based on 70 years of experience
and top quality.

More than 70 years ago, a company engaged in the maintenance of petrol stations was incorporated. During the 1950s, the service developed into fuel dispenser factory known as MEBA. Upon certain organisational changes, the factory developed into Prvomajska TUBS, and after that into the joint stock company TUBS d.d.

The company Scheidt&Bachmann TUBS d.o.o. for manufacture, installation and maintenance of fuel dispensers and other equipment for petrol stations was incorporated with the renowned German manufacturer Scheidt&Bachmann GmbH in 1996, by investing capital, technology and experience. The activities have expanded to the markets of adjacent countries and keep expanding through the network of authorised distributors and service shops. The fuel dispenser series Panorama, Alfa, Beta, Gama and Delta were manufactured in the previous manufacturing period, whereas the fourth generation fuel dispensers MZ and ZSM are currently being manufactured.

The company operates both independently and as part of the TUBS d.d. group. Together with Specijalna oprema d.o.o., Scheidt&Bachmann, the development of TUBS d.o.o. is based on a broad range of products and services it offers, as well as the adjustment of equipment for petrol stations, warehouses for petroleum products and aircraft maintenance. We are partners with large and respectable domestic and foreign companies.

In 2022. company changes its name to Tubs Tehnologija d.o.o.


Our basic business activity is our own manufacture of
fuel dispensers.

Products (manufactured by us) – fuel dispensers in a broad range of different models and service devices for petrol stations, also in several models with different options.

Other products – additions for fuel dispensers and satellite dispensers, other equipment for petrol stations, such as cabinets and shelves for additional products, central dispensing holes, sand boxes, garbage cans, psychological barriers and spare parts for fuel dispensers and service devices.


The largest service network for fuel dispensers in Croatia.

- installation and inspection of the equipment on site, inspection of the vapour recovery system

- maintenance and repair on site and in the factory

- renovation of fuel dispensers manufactured by us

- maintenance and preventive repairs on petrol stations

- adaptation and installation of pipelines made of metal or plastic (OPW KPS)

- calibration of fuel dispensers on site and in the factory


Our partners include the most famous companies in the petrol industry.


- LED lighting manufactured by one of the most famous and advanced manufacturers, ideal for petrol stations, very efficient, energy-saving and long-lasting.

- Price indicator is purchased and installed as a separate entity from the company PWM GmbH and delivered together with the control unit and the adequate communication board for connecting the price indicator to the computer (POS). E-readerboard (dynamic display) consists of three modules with 32x16 LED lights, i.e. the total of 96x16 LED lights in various colours with 3000 mcd and visibility angle of 70°/30° on black background.


- OPW is one of the leading world manufacturers of the petroleum industry equipment. With its broad range of products, such as plastic pipelines and shafts, as well as broad range of valves and other equipment for overground and underground use and tank control systems and special application equipment, it covers practically all petrol station related uses.


- Petrovend tank control system is a reliable, correct and advanced measuring, recording, controlling, reporting and warning system for the fuel and water contents in buried underground tanks. It measures and converts gross and net quantities upon receipt. It can be connected to POS systems on the petrol station or the head office. Various versions of the equipment can be delivered.


- Submersible pumps Fe Petro, IST – intelligent or STP – standard versions, as well as AdBlue (DEF) submersible centrifugal stainless steel pumps, together with additions constitute a reliable fuel supply system for complex situations, large petrol stations or petrol stations in marinas.


- ASF system constitutes an efficient and inexpensive eco control system for gaps in double-walled buried tanks, as well as double-walled pipelines.


We possess all necessary certificates for the countries we export to.



The leading companies and brands placed their trust in us.

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